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Secure and Reliable Solutions

We offer end to end solutions for your structured cabling needs - from design to deployment.

A quality structure cabling installation is critical to the success of most businesses and organizations.

Your cabling infrastructure is responsible for handling all of your communication needs on a day-to-day basis including your data, phones, computers, and printers. It's imperative for long-term success that you have a well-designed structured cabling installation that provides you with a secure, reliable, and fast network on a daily basis with little to no downtime. 

Extreme Technology & Security will design and install a secure, reliable, high-performance cabling infrastructure that you can rely on. 

Our Structured Cabling Installation services include:​
  • ​Copper cabling: Cat 5e, Cat6, Cat6A

  • Fiber optic cabling: single-mode, multi-mode

  • Coaxial cable wiring: RG-6, RG-59, RG-11 and hardline

  • Wiring racks, cabinets and patch panels

  • Cable trays and ladder racks

  • Phone and fax equipment installation

  • Backbone cabling: connecting between telecommunications rooms

  • Horizontal cabling: connecting end-user equipment to telecommunications rooms

  • Test and certify new and existing cabling

  • Telecom entrance facilities and termination

  • Datacenter build-outs

  • Network cabling maintenance

  • Voice blocks and patch panel installations

  • Data patch panel installations

  • Station and patch panel termination and labeling

  • Demark extensions

  • Station cabling identification, verification and certification

  • Cable pathway support

“Extreme Technology & Security is my go-to company for  structured cabling and AV installations. I know the project will be completed correctly and on time which is critical to prevent delays during restaurant site buildout.

They have extensive experience and industry knowledge,  are always professional and dependable, and quote projects competitively.” 

John M.
Restaurant Industry Investor/Operator

Your company's cabling infrastructure is one of the most important components to ensure streamlined, uninterrupted day to day operations.

Rely on our expertise to design a secure, reliable and fast cabling infrastructure.

Call us for more information:  940-452-0488

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